A Responsible Blog

I deleted my facebook.

Before everyone goes into cardiac arrest, I do plan on coming back. The planned time is Friday circa 9 am. Just in time for Monmouth. But....... who knows. Maybe I'll like all the new found free time and productivity I have and leave it deactivated longer. Maybe I'll start having seizures in 10 minutes and have to get it up and running again. But the real deal is I have been feeling unmotivated in school, this week especially, and it doesn't help when my phone constantly buzzes with messages and status comments and wall posts. IT'S SO CONSUMING. DARN YOU MARK ZUCKERBURG. ZUCKERBERG. zuckerbblahblabhlhb.

I'm trying to be responsible. Less facebook=more studying. Maybe I'll even pick up that book I started in January but never found the time to pick up again. YET SOMEHOW I have found multiple minutes for wall posting and frivolous creeping.

To ensure I won't be upping my facebook until Friday, I went to the extremes:
  • Removed from my top websites
  • Deleted it off my phone
  • Developed and electric key board to shock me every time I type in facebook on the search bar.
  • badjoke
However my guilty social networking obviously didn't come to a halt. I am a teenager after all (except I won't be able to use that excuse for very much longer). I'm keeping my twitter. WHICH I SUGGEST YOU FOLLOW. Also will continue to blog. Blogging has totes become an important aspect of life lately. Be expecting many a more.

Recently downloaded songs I'm enjoying (forgive the bipolarity):
  • Oklahoma girl- Eli young band
  • Jam- Kim Kardashian (YES I LIKE THIS SONG. I'M NOT SORRY)
  • Someone like you- Adele
  • From the start- Brian Burke Band
I'm aware of how much country was in that list. I live in West Texas, it's hard to ignore. Will not be ashamed.


  1. omg!! i'm so proud of you. i totally want to delete mine some days, it's just too much and i check it way too often! i hope it helps you get focus and motivated...you inspire me, sister :)

  2. Aw thank you! Literally it's too consuming for my own good, I also checked it WAAAYYY too much. It was a painful goodbye today.

  3. Blogging has totes become an important aspect of life lately.