Sad movies that aren't

Hi. The other day I was thinking about movies that people think are sad, and I think aren't sad.
Here they are.

My sister's Keeper
Guaranteed tear jerkers: Little bald girls. Check. Cancer. Check. Cameron Diaz playing the role of a mom. Check. Cameron Diaz bald. Check. Sad music in slow motion on the beach. Check.
So with all these no fail sad things, why is it that this movie is so unsad? Well have you read the book? The book is exponentially greater. In fact the book is completely opposite than the movie... literally. The ending is totally different, and the mom isn't tall blonde and cute. She is momlike. If you want to know the ending, I'll tell you. If you want to know the ending of the movie, all you need to know is that it isn'tsad. I did cry in the end of the movie though. I cried because I had so many expectations, and they all went 6 feet under, right with the little girl who died at the end, MIGHT I MENTION, it was not the same girl that died in the end as the book. So I cried because it was an atrocious movie. Not to be cold hearted or anything. At least Cameron wasn't really bald, it was just a little bald cap.

Marley and Me
Another dog movie. I actually really like yellow labs. But the second it terrorizes the house and almost knocks the baby out of the high chair is when I draw the line. Which makes me wonder.... why was everyone so sad when it died at the end? I was wishing it would run away the entire movie so it would be over and we could stop watching Owen Wilson in a movie thats not Wedding Crashers. Really. Hated that dog. Wedding Crashers is so much better.

Any movie with Miley Cyrus trying starring as a teenager falling in love
The last song. She has a lisp, people.

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  1. hahahaha. i'm trying to think of other sad movies that aren't sad now.....