"Don't judge me, I'm a freshman in college afterall"

This weekend is my birthday weekend AKA the second best weekend of freshman year. This is how the second best weekend of the year starts: Augusta sits fully dressed and ready (despite the fact that nothing starts for probably another hour); she is alone in 102; she is facebook creeping when she knows she should be starting her essay that may or mayn't be due tomorrow; weezy F baby is on iTunes; she is eating soup; campbells. Pretty wild and raging so far, I know.

Bad news: It is supposed to rain monday, so I cant float tipsily in the lazy river, as I had previously planned.

Good news: I'll probably still be passed out from Saturday.

It is a good thing that the roommate will be leaving town this weekend, she doesn't need to witness my stuper.

When I was driving back to Lubbock from Carlsbad over easter, I was bored. Music helped a little, but blahh so I started writings lists down on a random envelope I found. Here it goes.

Things to Google
  • How Brad Paisley met is wife
  • The lyrics to "Long tall Sally" and "Lusta Prima Vista"
  • If in fact The Notebook is based off a true story

To do list for Monday
  • Unpack
  • spanish tutorial
  • study rock and roll
  • figure out a topic to write essay on
To do list for Tuesday
  • workout (that didn't happen)
  • take rock and roll quiz (got a 15/16...just call me Elvis...)
  • still figure out a topic to write essay on
  • go early to History and threaten the TA a slow painful death if she doesn't raise my test grade (went from a 85 to 90)
My 10 favorite songs ...for now at least (not in order)
  • "Fireworks at Dawn"- Senses Fail
  • "Look after you"- The Fray
  • "No surprise"- Daughtry
  • "All hail the heartbreaker" - The Spill Canvas
  • "Children of Divorce" - Johnny Craig
  • "Little House"- Amanda Seyfreid
  • "Set the fire to the third bar" - Snow Patrol
  • "Three cheers for five years" - Mayday Parade
  • "Options" - Pedro the Lion
  • "The river flows in you" - Yurima

If I'm alive Sunday, I plan on going to eat sushi with a bunch o' friends, and also maybe coloring my hair out of a box. It's called "medium auburn brown" by Garnier.

North has had a text make it on TFLN, not that I am jealous or anyyyything, but i've probably sent about 79 texts to that website and alas. Alas. Here are the recent ones I've sent in:

(575): exactly. it's my birthday weekend. like, goodbye sober i'll see you tuesday

(575): new drinking game: take a shot every time we hear beibers mcgee say baybeh

Now in my opin, THOSE ARE QUITE TFLN WORTHY. Also, a TFLN FYI, you can buy North's text on a T-shirt. I've tried to buy it but it always freezes, but I suggest everyone get on that ASAP.

This blog isn't very eventful. ENJOY!!!!! :)

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  1. good luck on your dream of tfln! ha. random post andddd i liked it. have a fun b-day weekend, be a klassy kappa lady!! we're gonna walk down to electric avenue... ;)