I write all the time...

I also write for the Greek newspaper at Texas Tech, The Odyssey. Here are some of my articles.... Stay tuned for my most recently submitted article about GEORGE GINA & LUCY!!!!

3.3.11: I talk to strangers
3.10.11: From the Runway to West Texas
3.31.11: Friday Morning
4.7.11: Registering for classes... again
4.14.11: A food favorite every year
4.21.11: Blend Your Way To A Beach Bod!
4.28.11: Who Are George Gina & Lucy?

I would like to reiterate the fact that most of these articles are done last minute, contain numerous typos, and I don't even want to talk about issues 4.7 and 4.14...... 4.21............. Let's just say good weekends were had around those submission deadlines, and my articles were, how you say, completely ignored if not forgotten. Til last minute. . . .Enjoy!

Ill keep updating this blog with newly published Odyssey articles!