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This blog is all about me, and my hair life choices, bleh. So I guess I'm going to keep my hair short and ChOpPpPyYYyY. So I've been googling celebs with short hair and so far these are my two faves. Let's not talk about all the homework I have right now and all the reasons why I shouldn't be blogging. Anyways,...

Let's disregard the color on this chick's pelo. Second thoughts, go big or go bitcha$$, I'll just have to do the color too.
I kind of want to get this hairstyle so people will tell me, "Your hair is uneven." Then I can respond, "Yes. As is my life." BTW, have no idea who this girl is. Poor dear came up on google images (eem-ah-hez).

KEY NOTE--> I think the main thing to remember when choosing a hairstyle is that you still have your face even though you have someone else's hair. Picturing my face on Gweneth's platinum blonde 6ft tall aura is a challenge.

And lastly, if you haven't been keeping up with my sister's blog, it's immensely better than mine. (I know, I know, you are wondering to yourself how that is possible).

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Thoughts from the fanz (please, not everyone at once) on what I should do with my hair would be appresh'd.


  1. I can't see the pic after Gweneth.I feel like Jessica's is too plain for you. I'm pro the last one that is uneven! I feel like Gweneth's is the one you were going for when you cut yours yourself.-Jordie