A Twenty-year-old Blog

"One more year"

I feel like I haven't had a problem consuming alcohol since the ripe age of 18 (16 if you know me well enough), so although there is "one more year" left, I will probably still be going to Rowdy Raider when I'm 21. Outrageous.

I mean to update the twenty-year-old blog on April 12th, the actual date of the event, buuuuuut I failed to have time, so then the plan was to update it on Thursday, same story... So now I am between classes on a Tuesday, and have time to whip out a lil blogski.

A little nostalgia...

I remember sophomore year in high school like it was yesterday. Freshmen year feels like it was forty lives ago, but sophomore year was last week. It is so weird that I am a sophomore in college now. Annoyingly enough, this is the only picture I have on my mac of sophomore year. This was the winter formal, Snowball, a huge deal for Carlsbad. Here we have, "The Core" haha. My 4 best friends and I made up a name for ourselves because thats what all the cool kids in movies did. Later groups making fun of us soon developed, drum roll please for the other cool kid groups "hard core" and "soft core." haha. oh high school. I had originally wanted to track down pics of past bdays, but alas, i have none.

can we all pause for 5 seconds and recognize the thigh definition I'm representing? RIP...

In the transfer of valuables from Myspace to Facebook, from Dell to Mac, I seemed to have only wanted to keep memories from Junior and Senior year. I have tons more pictures of those eras.

Here we have a rare action shot of Cope's class, junior year. Please ignore the Hillary Duff bang phase I was going through.

Another tragic bang pic. This was summer... before junior year? I think. Whatever. Still have that shirt. Whatever.

It appears I have only 2 pictures of Junior year. Apparently I only wanted to remember Senior year. Which I would have to say was definitely my favorite year of high school. Being a big Senior in a small town with only one high school is like royalty. Especially if you were an athlete.

Prom with Jordith...

CHS dance co. memories....

Going all out for Nerd Day, notice the helmet

Cheerleading Banquet with some of the BFFs

National Honors Society Passing the Torch blah blah blah, Andy made himself trip on stage to win a bet, best thing ever.
Take notice of my "kourtney kardashian" outfit, in which I thought it was necessary to wear leather-esque leggings with a plaid dress and studded belt. Soooo appropriate for this occasion... Clearly early signs as to my eventual position at Chrome...

Shaking ass at the Spring Coronation Pep Rally...

Back-up workers for a photoshoot having fun. This was the day before prom I think.

One of my first dates with Jake (clearly evident by the awkward new couple pose)... :) Brace yourself for the big shocker, WE ARE STILL TOGETHER :):):O :) i like him :O :) :) :>

A few of my favorite boys ever!!!!!!!!

Cheerleading memories. *Screaming bloody murder, "GO CAVEMEN" to hide the cuss words in the rap songs we danced to*

A little snap shot before we did the legendary CARNIVAL SHOOT!!!!

The senior dance I choreographed. Most bad ass senior dance ever. Often imitated, never equalled. I DONT EVEN FEEL CONCEITED SAYING THAT. IT'S JUST THE TRUTH.

A fun weekend trip to Lubbock. I actually didn't want to go to Tech when I was a senior. But then I applied and ku ku ka chu, here I am AND I LOVE IT. We were eating in the Olive Garden right here.

My senior prom. I designed my own dress. I liked it. I wouldn't wear it again however.

Dance photoshoot in a random field in cbad.

Enough of Memory Lane. Now I am extremely aware that I am in the hallway of holden hall with about 20 minutes to kill before my advertising writing class.



  1. I told you not to wear those pleather leggings.
    <3 Jordie

  2. I cried laughing so hard at Andy.

    I needed a laugh, and your blog makes me laugh.
    Thanks Augusta.

  3. And my oh so aware self is in the senior dance picture....Looking the wrong way. Ehh.