Creep-asses galore.

Creepy people are two things....

1. Vast, and 2. Significantly more creepy than the rest of us.

But mainly, vast. Creepies are liking your facebook stati, breathing down your neck in the overcrowded bus, making direct eye contact with you in the next car over, and watching you decide which flavor of low-fat yogurt you want. What do they want from us? Why are they staring? Is something on my face?

Sometimes I feel bad for them. Maybe the man across the way is watching me pick out yogurt because he envies that I am not lactose intolerant.


Oh and let's not talk about how 12 second red-lights are PRIME creep TIME. It's like they have an excuse to star at you in the next car over because they aren't driving. AT LEAST TEXT OR LOOK IN THE MIRROR LIKE THE REST OF SOCIETY AT RED LIGHTS.

Immediately, this brings me to facebook. Because half the time I'm texting at red lights, I'm not texting, I'm facebooking. Mark Zuckerberg increased all of our death rates, yet increased all of our happiness. So it cancels out.

AnYwHo, there is allllllways that person on facebook who likes your status even if it is an inside joke that she has no part of, and can't possibly understand. That person that likes the photo of you and your grandma. That person who comments on your photo from a 3 year old album saying, "I have that shirt!"

Do you.

Yes, Facebook is the breeding ground for fictional and non-fictional creepers of the earth. At least, in times of desperation, I can always count on that huge creep ass to like my less successful stati. Finally, a plus side to the creepiness.

Wishing all of you a creepy day,

(multiple periods are creepy.................................)

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