My weekend...(MONMOUTH)

As most people know, this weekend was the Kappa/Pi Phi date party called Monmouth. As most of you don't know, it was probably the best weekend of my freshman year. I brought my twin cousins in town to be mine and my friend's dates, knowing they'd be the life of the party, and alas, they were the soul, backbone, core, and life of the party. Everyone had to meet "Gus's hot cousins" Seriously, they turned (monmouth) into MONMOUTH!!!!!! Soooo I'm going to let the blog world know some stories from my weekend.


Five o'clock. Day one of Mon.

Well some ordeals definitely happened Friday night before the Abuelo's dinner. Let me elaborate. First ordeal was trying to figure out where the dinner was and who all was going. After I texted a few people, I found out it was at Abuelo's and was told to call and try to fit in 4 more people into the 24 people reservation under the name of Grace. So I'm already thinking that is outrageous, but I called anyway and was told that there wasn't any reservation under the name of Grace. In fact.. they don't even do reservations! So I'm thinking no way did my friend lie to me about dinner because, frankly umm... I'M FREAKING GUS. Everybody loves Gus Neal. So I ask the Abuelos worker if there is any party with 24 people, or any call-in under the name of Grace, or even if there is a room rented out. NO TO ALL OF THE ABOVE. I decided that the worker was just confused and that I would go to Abuelo's anyway, only mildly frustrated.
i later found out that Grace made the reservation in Phoenix Arizona. I felt immediately bonded to her.
Circa Six o'clock.

I'm getting ready to go out, and after I shower, I'm walking back to the room which is already awkward because our ethnic neighbors always have boys over so there are males out and about the hall as I'm walking to the dorm in a towel. I'm used to this so it really wasn't a big deal...... and then I tried opening the door. Locked. I was locked out of my room while in the shower. Had to walk on the other side of the building wearing pink crocs and a beige towel. Might I add, it was during dinner hour, so people were standing in line to get in the cafeteria in the hall way, and I had to walk in front of the open windowed cafeteria. SWEET. Then I get my temporary key from the office, and was told that I only had one chance left until I paid a fine, and I smiled and said thanks for the warning while thinking "I'M NAKED CAN WE NOT DISCUSS FINANCIAL ISSUES RIGHT NOW." So I semi haul ass through the hall way, squeaking the whole way with my wet crocs on the tile floor, and get to my room. That ordeal is over.

Twenty-three minutes later....

Don't have my liquid eye liner which isn't that big of a deal I guess but It irked me. I also stubbed my toe at some point in time rushing to get ready, adding to the fire.

Nine minutes later...

So I'm curling my hair. For some reason I'm just having a bad hair night anyway, because my Aussie ass hair spray barrrley squirts, even though its completely full, and it only sprays a decent amount if you spray it from an awkward side angle and pump your arm in the air.That is stupid. So teasing my hair was an ordeal. Anyways, so i'm curling my hair, then i realized there is purple like plastic crumbs stuck in my hair... I don't know how to explain the weird texture, but I could not get it out of my hair, and me being Augusta Neal, I was running late and had to take desperate measures. I cut a decent chunk out. Had no choice. Hair grows, whatever. Then I continue curling my hair, wondering what that purple stuff was, when I notice my hair spray lid had a hole on the side. So I had just rolled up a chunk of hair into the curling iron and was doing the 10 second hold when it donned on me.... THE CURLING IRON MELTED THE LID, WHICH WAS PURPLE, WHICH I CURLED MY HAIR AROUND THE IRON, AND ENDED WITH PLACTIC MELTED CRUMBS IN MY HAIR WHICH WERE PURPLE AND I'M CURRENTLY HOLDING THE IRON AROUND ANOTHER CHUNK OF HAIR AND GETTING MELTED PLASTIC ALL OVER THAT HAIR so I half way do a body convulsive spasm of shock and drop the iron then jump away so it doesn't land on my toes, and the cord catches the brush and hairspray so all these things fall off the counter and I have purple melted plastic in my hair all the while, with no liquid liner, or official Abuelos reservation, and needless to say, it was a mild ordeal.

Later on....

Friday night was fun, but.... compared to Saturday night it was early service church. Early service church with puking girls. Yes, one of my friends drank a little too much sprite at the pre -party, and managed to empty her stomach on the twin's burberry jackets. Yes, burberry. Yes, both of them.

oooohhhhhhhh saturday.... I could write forever about this night. But one story stands out in particular, which no one will think is that funny but I think it is sooooo funny and weird and random and of course outrageous. So all of us are dancing as a huge group and everyone is seriously letting loose and being ridiculous, just to paint a picture. Then "Party in the USA" comes on by Miley Cyrus and everyone knows I despise that song but I was in such a good mood (the alcohol helped me cope with the song as well) that I just kept dancing. Then the greatest thing happened. The guy dancing next to me starts rapping Notorious BIG. And... like... ummmm WHO AM I. I happen to know every word of that particular song he busted out so what do i do????????? I also bust out in new york hood rap and we both are yelling the words staring at each other, essentially having an impromptu little rap-off, which I would've won because he messed up on a part (don't mean to toot my own horn but BEEEEEEP BEEEEEEP) And this guy is in shock because how many girls are losers enough to know every word to a 300 plus pound black person's song from the 90s. I'm gonna go with one. Yours truly. Anyways, so we get to the point in the rap song where neither of us can remember the words and we just kind of slur out of that song, and by this time the God awful miley song is over so me and this dude just pretty much stare at each other in utter bafflement and without speaking any words, we both just walk away from each other then point at each other and then at our eyes, like Robert Dinero to Ben Stiller on Meet the Parents, and walk away from each other, so if you can imagine that picture in your mind, then you can see why I thought it was a worthy enough story to blog about.

Well I'm tired. Stayed up til 4:30 am, napped today, english quiz tomorrow morning, ew, english is hard, ew again, okay goodnight blog world.

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  1. muahahhahahhahahahahha
    notorious B.I.G woulda been proud...even with your purple clumpy hair