Some things on my mind on a Thursday morning

1. Never shop from amiclubwear.com I just sent them an extremely agitated, snappy, pissed off e-mail. Those b words sent me a SMALL swimsuit when HI HAVE YOU SEEN MY BUTT? I ORDERED A LARGE. And of course they don't do returns on swimwear. What kind of scam is that?!!?!? I'm so mad.

2. J Lo works it more than I ever will. And she is in her 40s.

3. MY POLYSCI CLASS IS A JOKE. If it wasn't enough that the teacher is A) A grad student, B) Comes to class hungover, C) Assigns us assignments to watch movies, D) Is always behind on notes and wonders why over 50% of the class fails, and E) Never posts tests grades online like he's supposed to, NOW HE ISN'T EVEN COMING TO CLASS. There is this other teacher taking over this week because he is "sick." WELL BIG WHOOP. I GO TO CLASS SICK ALL THE TIME. Now there is like this fill in teacher who is a girl and also doesn't know what she is doing. She just showed up 10 minutes late to class. I am one of the like 12, in class. Naturally, writing a blog, and not studying.


  1. hahaha. small swim suit bottoms?? ppppppfffffftttt.

  2. Those shoes are sooooo heavy! you'd never think. -Jordie