better late than never, right?

Well i am jumping on blog bandwaggon, it's a refreshing change from facebook, which i spend farr too much time on i think. Anyways, it seems i always start on the cool fad things so much after the rest of the world. For example, i had to wait until the 5th Harry Potter movie came out for me to finally get motivated enough to read the whole series. Same with twilight saga (i like harry more). Same with skinny jeans (i like anything without the word "skinny" more), and same with facebook (which i finally like more than myspace). I hope this blog is as good as my ol' witty sister's blog, pppppffffftttt. She was quite the influence for me to start this! I told all my friends to start one, mostly being shot down, but a few are actually going to join. I can see that this is already the most boring blog ever made.

Some things on my mind.....
  • My awesome rock and roll class. I watched Cadillac Records (movie) over spring break, because my teacher said we should, and now I want to go to Chicago
  • Lady Gaga concert July 22nd in Dallas.
  • all the food i just ate at On The Boarder.. so full!... but, as Jake always says, "A fat dog is a happy dog." ... oh so insightful.
  • Ryan and Ashley's future blogs.

I'm really not good at this whole formatting with pictures thing. Alexis does it all the time, makes it look so easy. It's not. Still figuring out the world of blogspot.com, which i recently
discovered is the same as blogger.com. I think.

Ashley and myself are currently in the study lounge, where we spend most of our joyous hours, here at Tech. Being wild freshman and such.

This girl, who for privacy reasons i'll name "Frenchie" (because she is fluent in french) is a girl that both me and Ashley try our best to avoid. When I first met her during rush, i thought she was so cool, and she seeeeemed normal!! (I don't mean to "talk crap" on my blog, i just think it's a funny story) But a few short days later, I discovered that "normal" wasn't the best descriptive adjective. Every time I see her, no matter where we are, no matter what the
circumstances, she screams "AAAUUUGUUUSSTTAAA" at the highest top level of her volume. This has occured in the library, study lounge, cafeteria, on the street, sticking her head out of the car while on the street, and other various places among the campus. I suppose her
enthusiasm should be flattering, but at that moment, it's on the "is-that-really-necessary" side, and... just.... it actually happened about 20 minutes ago, and me and ashley just snickered to each other. what can you do. the woman is outrageous.

I believe this about sums up my little sheltered world for the moment.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I already love this and I am convinced that we are going to be having too much fun with this. Goodbye last 6 weeks of Spring semester, sorry GPA!

  2. ahh!!!! may i just say....BRAVO!!! you had me ling o l already...please keep up the posting!!!! can't wait for more!!! "AAUUUGGUUUSSSSTTTTAAA" hahaha. and you're great at the formatting pictures thing, trust me, i don't know what i'm doing!! xoxoxo.

    p.s. can't wait for Ryan and Ashley's blogs too!