Humans make for great Humor

I feel like facebook has certain unspoken laws that shouldn't be broken, invisible lines that shouldn't be crossed, and multitudes of pictures, statuses, and "info" that shouldn't be public, ..... with that said..... Whenever these rules are in fact broken, it is the highest form of entertainment. Here I go again talking about someone else on the blog, but I figure that the humor makes a good blog, and people make good humor. THUS, I will proceed to tell you of a soul. A poor tragic soul. A soul who one day decided to pose as a tree. THUS, I will delicately from this point forward refer to her as "Tragic Girl Who Posed As A Tree For The Entire World To See Girl". Tree Girl decided to have someone capture this moment in time forever via cheap digital camera. Then Tree Girl decided, against anyone's good advice, to post this to facebook. I wish that i could say I was kidding, or at least that she was kidding... but alas... there is an entire facebook album of tree posing: laying on side in front of tree, peaking around tree, close ups of face with tree in the background, and last but not least, posing as the tree itself .

Augusta's Outrageous Advice: One should only pose as a tree, if in fact, they are practicing the arts of yoga. And only that.

A wise person on SNL once said, "REAALLLYYY??????" And I feel now is a good time to incorporate that.
I so badly want to post the picture on here. But that might be crossing the line.

Of course who am I to talk? I've had some "REEEALLLYYY????" moments, myself. I know, I know, it's hard to believe, I'm so perfect (insert sarcastic comment here). But really, I can recall times that I look back on and just wonder what I was thinking.... but as of right now I can't recall of a time.


Things I decided this week
  • Buddy Holly is the dorkiest rock and roll performer, and i literally laugh out loud every time i watch him sing Peggy Sue. With that said, he was the first white dude to be the song writer, lead guitarist/singer, as well as have a band with 2 electric guitars, (i think i re-quoted all that right from my hist of R&R class..) THUS you gotta give the hicc-uping, ooooo-ing, glasses wearing guy a break. After all, when he died, so did the music. OH and he is from the L-B-K so I frankly take pride in ol' Bud, and is ability to make me giggle.
  • I'm going to start writing a list of all the funny things I say. (I actually decided this over spring break with ryan [aka North]) This list is called "The funny things I say...oh and ryan" So far it says a bunch of inside jokes that I greatly considered typing out but if I do that all the people, ..... all 4 people who read this blog will think i'm weird.... weirder, that is. THUS i'm going to be mysterious, and leave you (all four of you) wondering.
  • If certain particular "friends" in my class get higher grades than me on the test we took recently, I will take unethical violent action. And I will like it. (If you don't know what i'm talking about, just know that they deserve, Oh, a 'G' in that class. And you can look at my facebook wall for further analyses)
  • I take great pride in the fact that my boyfriend is cuter than both of their boyfriends HAHAHHAH JUST KIDDING AHAH I'M NOT THAT MEAN HAHAHHA JUST KIDDING JK JK
  • kind of
  • That is going in the list, methinks.

I wish I could think of a topic I could offer my thoughts on, like North (i refuse to call ryan ryan. he is north). Also, like Chelsea. (i say that like i know her. chelsea handler.) The other day, North asked me who all I am going to tell about my blog.... I pondered that.... The more people I tell about the blog, the less I can talk freely about. And as we all.., all five of us know, I tend to find the best humor in the humans. Sadly, most of my friends are humans. So I told him I was content with the people who already know about it. I think the next blog, I'll try to not humorize at humans, i'll try to give something insightful about my really interesting-and-better-than-yours life. (insert sarcastic comment here)

TFLN of the day:

You go, New Brunswick. You. Go.


  1. "i will take unethical violent action, and i will like it."

    LLOL so many scenarios running through my head.

  2. i cannot breathe!!!!! hahaaaaaa.
    -love the r&r tidbits, keep em coming. i work now, so i don't learn anymore.
    -tree girl. omg.

  3. i work now so i don't learn anyting, HAHAHAHH. i promise there are more R&R facts in the future,that class is truly the only thing I talk about.

  4. ahhh alexis tree girl!! you have noooo idea! we'll show you pics in july!!