Well, it's totes been a while since I've blogged my life happenings. I kind of miss it. I also kind of miss sitting down when I eat, watching TV for more than 8 minutes while eating and standing, and not to mention having time to just BREATHE.

Needless to say, life has been a little busy. Currently, as i type, in the back of my mind I am thinking about how I shouldn't have watched a The Social Network tonight, MUCH LESS creep on facebook and blog, but I should be writing the 3 papers that are due next week, start on a project due next week, and read chapters for 3 quizes next week.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut here I am blogging, it's whtvr.

Right now I'm in my living room. One roommate is passed out drunk, the other is on her way there. Someone is whistling creepily in the hall way. It's probably a terrorist whistling the Iraki National Anthem. Welcome to West Texas.

The window is open with just a screen blocking me from the outside world, and the night is oddly quiet for a Saturday. I may live on the 4rth floor, but it is so easy to hear all the happenings 40 feet below. Everyone must be home researching Forever21 and blogging like me.

  • I work at a boutique, I don't know why I'm even saying that because the 2 people who read this blog, (thank you Alexis & Ryan) already know that. Anyways. I work at CHROME. all caps. i really like it.
  • I am obsessed with Advertising. I love my Ad writing class. I love watching commercials. I love making up headlines. I love studying the creative process of creating headlines. I love body copy. Learning how to write body copy. You have no idea the amount of extensive work goes into a 5-word advertisement. It has to be like poetry. I just made a connection between diaper ads and poetry.
  • Outrageous.
  • One of my new years goals was to make all A's.
  • Hahahahhahahahha.
  • I'm am soooo thirsty tonight??????? It's weird????????????????
  • Kappa Mom's weekend is next weekend I AM REALLY EXCITED. KAPPAS DO FUN THINGS ON MOMS WEEKEND.
  • I haven't been home since January 1st. I miss it. I will hopefully get to go home March 14th.
  • I'm going to bed.
  • Bye.

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