For those of you who have no time to waste time, here's another distraction.

I've always heard of stumbleupon and one of my friends always talks about it, but I've never actually experienced it.

Well today I did.

And if you haven't seen the wonders for yourself, it is time. I am blowing up facebook and twitter with my new findings. So far moderately to severely obsessed.

You register with it (annoying, I know) BUT then you check off all your interests and likes (takes 3 to 6 seconds, I promise) then you click "stumble" and magically a new page appears and IT IS SOMETHING THAT INTERESTS YOU. From that point, you ooooo and aaaaaahhh at the page, then you can either "like" or "unlike" it. We are all familiar with the "like" concept. Then when you're done being boggled by your new finding, you stumble again, and REPEAT.

Here were some of my fav findings....

A man paid off his $6500 credit card with Pennies. I've always wanted to do this with places that P'O'd me, but never actually thought it was possible. This cray cray californian proved me wrong.

I freaking hate frogs. But this one is sassy.

How do people think of this.... Like... I thought I was mildly creative. I was wrong.

I decided I'm going to read Mrs. Dalloway. I like Virginia Wolf thingz.

SISTER NEAL, You will love this. You and Bob will never be bored with din din.

I read this title, and was like PSSSHHHH- New Mexico does it better. Then I scrolled down, and immediately made the sunflower pic my new desktop.

OMG, I MISS DANCE SO MUCH, amplified now even more by this video, I "stumbled upon." I just.... no words. No. Wordz.

I don't know how to describe what I'm seeing....? I like it? I can't stop?

Cosmo always has articles about body language, and they've always fascinated me. Check it d@wg.

I just love things like this. I want to write on iiiitttttt

OKAY I've officially wasted a significant portion of time on the computer.

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