If I could have any super power....

One of my less good blogs.... (just stop now, jordie)

I think most people would choose the super power to fly, or to become invisible, or to shoot spaghetti out of their finger tips, and things of that nature. But I think all of that would get old and boring after awhile..... invisibility blah blah, flying through the clouds hoo haa, spaghetti in yo face yakety yak..... if you think about it you want a super power that benefits you for life. I have actually put thought into this question that 5th graders ask themselves.

If you could have one superpower in the world what would it be?

But because my intelligent, intellectual college educated mind has pondered this so thoroughly, I think I have settled on my final answer. If I could have any super power, I would want to be able to remember every detail i've ever lived in extreme detail. And I mean everything! I would want to remember what I have for breakfast on August 14th, 1996, not only that, but how it tasted and what it smelled like, and every explicit detail of that breakfast! I want the power of memory!!!! You may be chuckling like "ohh whatadumbpower dur dur" but if you really think about it, how cool would that be?!?!?! Because of this new finding about myself I started a little som'in som'in.... very Noah and Alley in The Notebook. I've started writing in a spiral every night briefly jotting down what I did that day. It's not personal, I don't care if anyone reads it, it's most likely really boring, but it's interesting to look back on, and I think when I am 88 and a half like Betty White it'll be fun to show my grandchildren like "Ohh I went to sonic and ordered a pink lady and paid with pennies because they took 45 minutes to bring it out to me. Yes, back in my day there were still pennies." And it'll be cool to just reflect what i did on that day 40 years prior. Think about it! Actually bad news... I started writing in this spiral a week or two before freshman year ended BUT I ALREADY LOST THE SPIRAL IN THE MOVING PROCESS SWEET AUGUSTA. I am miffed at myself that I haven't written in it in a while. Being that this is one of the most boring ass, tedious, and unsatisfying blogs all of you have ever had to put yourselves through, I am going to have a whole new section. It's called WHY IS HEIDI KLUM 94 AND STILL HAS A BETTER BODY THAN JESUS AFTER 18 PREGNANCIES. Not really, although that does ripple my waters, my next topic of discush is job hunting.

Healthy Choices.

"Hi I was just wondering if you were hiring, I'd like to work for you this summer."

"Do you have a resume?"


"We can only consider you if you have a resume"

"YOU'RE TOO FAT TO BE WORKING HERE ANYWAY" *sprints out store, knocks over soy bars*

Epworth Methodist Church.

"Hello, I saw that you were hiring, and I just wanted to come fill out an application."

"Oh great, are you familiar with Microsoft publisher, outlook and excel?"

"Oops I forgot to baptize my kittens, namaste."

Blue house.

"Hi I was hoping I could fill out an application if you were hiring for the summer."

"Nope we sure aren't."

"Well then can you at least spike my big train."


"Hello, are you hiring for the summer"

"What position would you prefer?"

"PERVERT" *runs away covering body parts*


"Hi I've been turned down four times today and really need to be paid this summer so I can illegally drink and occasionally spend $200 at forever21 next semester."

"You can fill out an application but we aren't hiring"



And that just about sums up the amount of luck I've had with trabajo this summer, but mom thinks I can sell my fancy smanshy art works and crafts and make some dough buuuuuut she is also my mom and tells me I'm special soooooo yeeeaaahhhh. I have been painting though. And sewing. I've recently been told I do more crafts than a 3rd grader. Turns out I make about as much money as a 3rd grader too.
wah wah wahhhhhhh.



  1. ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I love your journal idea and your choice for super power!!! and was DYING laughing about your job applying experiences...hahahahahah. keep on trying, you're bond to find something!!! also, I expect lots of blog updates this summer and want to know what you're crafting...perhaps a post about your crafts!!!

  2. hahahhah thank you!!! i haven't made super progress in my crafts but if i do then ill blog them!